Could this be from VWD?

My 17 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with VWD. We aren’t sure yet which type she had. She goes back to the hematologist in August for more testing. Her dr did tell me that her von Willebrand factor was very low. His exact words were, “It’s not the lowest I’ve ever seen, but it’s very low.” I don’t know enough about the disease to really know what that means. So i have a question…about 4 months ago my daughter injured her knee, but we have no idea how. Her knee swelled and she couldn’t bend it. I took her to the ER and she was diagnosed with a Baker’s cyst (which is very rare for her age). The swelling and pain went away after a few weeks, but the same thing happened a few weeks ago again. She has no idea how she injured it, but woke up one morning with a swollen, painful knee that won’t bend. I have an appt with an orthopedic dr in a couple weeks (soonest I could get). I’m wondering if this could be related to her vWD??

I think the lack of responses means that none of our members have had a Baker's cyst, Heather, which would lead me to believe it is unrelated. I looked up pictures, and baker's cysts look very ouchy, to say the least. Here is some additional information on Baker's cysts:

Knee damage caused by a sports-related injury or blow to the knee can lead to a Baker's cyst developing.

A Baker's cyst can also be caused by a number of health conditions, including:

  • osteoarthritis – usually caused by age-related "wear and tear" of joints, it particularly affects the knees, hips, hands and big toe
  • rheumatoid arthritis – a less common but crippling type of arthritis caused by the immune system attacking the joints
  • gout – a type of arthritis that usually affects the big toe caused by a build-up of the waste product uric acid in the blood

A Baker's cyst is more common in women than men, probably because women are more likely to develop osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It usually develops in people aged over 40, although it can affect people of any age, including children.