Anyone have a child that fights taking their Stimate?

My daughter is 8 and any time we have to give her stimate it is like world war III trying to get her to take it. She hates it being put up her nose. I have tried allowing her to give it to herself but the dose goes into the air instead of her nose. I just don't know what to do to make this any easier.

I dont know much about raising a child with vWD but I do have type 3 and what I wouldnt give to take mine through nasal spray. Forgive my heavy handedness but maybe if she understood what the alternative is, which is intravenous. I myself did not start giving my own medication until I was around 11. It took time and courage, which is something you cant be forced into.

My daughter is 10 and just got the diagnose this past summer. I have tried to let her take it herself, because she takes two other nasal spray for allergies. But I don't think she is able to do this herself at this age, at least not with this as serious as it is. I would suggest you be the one to give it to your daughter. Now with our control test my daughter did not respond that good to it so if she ever needs anything she will have to have the IV one. I think letting your daughter know how serious this is and what the other methods are may help her easy her mind. I know with my daughter at first was scared but once we did our research on everything, the disorder and methods of treatment that helped her. The only thing my daughter does not like is that it makes her so sleepy for the day of taking it and the next day. You may also want to get a bottle of just water and let her practice with that to get use to the way the spray feels in her nose. Best of luck!

We have discussed this at length and she does know that the other option is IV meds. Nothing seems to help, if I even mention she needs her meds she goes and hides. Me giving it to her is fine, the biggest issue is the fact that it literally takes 2 of to hold her down to do so.

Anything getting near her nose and she starts shoving it away including at the doctors when they look up her nose. I just have no idea how we are going to deal this winter when she will most likely have frequent nose bleeds.

I do respect deadpickles response, as a type 3 at points I have been reluctant(as a girl) of swallowing tablets and phobic of IV injections, but ultimately the benefits outweighed the alternative and I received professional help from a therapist re the IV phobia. Have you talked her her HTC about this?

Helen x