Bleeding for 5weeks

i have type 3 my period has been going 5 weeks with heavy bleed but i cant see my dr until july 8 what can i do until then i’m anemic and weak now and very tired should i go to the hospital

Dear Crystal,

I would strongly recommend going. As you bleed, you use up your iron reserves and you definitely will lower your Hgb, hemoglobin. You really need to have a complete blood count (CBC) done… soon! The cure gets more difficult as the anemia gets worse. Type III is what I have and I call myself a “frequent flyer” at the emergency room. I once staggered in there with an Hgb around 8.3 . I was not a happy camper. My issue was a slow GI bleed.

good luck!
John the elder

Hi there, Having been through this situation with my daughter I think a trip to the hospital is in order. Your situation sounds a bit precarious and there is no sense in taking a chance and allowing your body to become even more depleted. I hope all goes well for you!