Greetings to SusanS from Arkansas


Welcome to Living With VWD! Since you’re always on the web anyways, I think you made a great decision to go ahead and join our wonderful community. There hasn’t been much activity around here lately - but you can always use the Search Icon (top right corner of the red bar) to search through hundreds of previous discussions for any topic of interest. I also encourage you to start making your own posts and start sharing your treatment and symptom experiences with other members.

After all, it sounds like you’ve got a ton of people in your life that could benefit from some of the information - so I’m sure it will be worth your while! And on the bright side, I’m sure it will be good to know that your grandchildren will grow up with parents who have a ton of experience with the disease.

Anyways, I wish you a pleasant time here and encourage you to reach out if you ever have any questions or concerns =)