Is there any Good Meds out there

my amacar does work for me anymore and my spray doesn't help at all

Crystal, How about Humate P or DDAVP? Humate P has been amazing for me over the last seven years - to help bleeding before after and during the seven operations I have had in the last seven years.

Hi Crystal: Are you having nosebleeds? I was having them 3x week and using about $5,000.00 worth of Humate P. I found this low-tech solution that works 90% of the time. It is a product called Nasal Cease, it is this strand of seaweed-derived fiber that you twist and stick up your nose. I now swear by it, as I went from using $20,000 worth of IV Humate-P per month to paying about $6.00 per week on Nasal Cease. It is hard to find in my local pharmacy, but you can purchase it online or have your local pharmacy special order it for you. I have vWB Type III severe, with HCV and cirrhosis and it has really been a godsend. Check it out! amacar is only good for maintaining the clot once it is in place and it makes me dizzy and out of it. DDAVP doesn’t work with Type III. So not having to stick myself and get an IV going 3x week is fantastic. Good luck!

Hi Crystal.Sometimes stimate and amicar don’t work for my kids either. The more we have to use it, the less it seems to work. For repeated nosebleeds I have them suck on Big Stick popsicles. I usually get them at Food For Less or Costco. The nurse at school thought I was crazy at first because I kept a box in the teacher’s lounge freezer. They freeze the top of their mouth and it slows the blood flow down enough for the stimate to have a chance to work. And I don’t give them the stimate til it stops overflowing the noseclips. One time it took a whole box for the bleed to stop. My Kaylie was such a mess. She had so much blood and sticky popsicle all over her that the nurse had to move the boxes out of the shower so she could clean up. Thankfully I had just dropped off a change of clothes for her. The nurse didn’t think I was over-reacting about her VWD after that episode anymore.