Need opinion on what to do about possible VWF

I will try to make this short! I have heavy periods my whole life. My first period was two weeks long and heavy at age 14. I also have had dental extraction dry socket at age 18. AFter each kid, (5), I did bleed longer than I thought I should. After breast surgery (lift), the doc said it took her two hours longer because I was oozing. Then this year, after uterine biopsy, I bled for 6 weeks, with 4 of those weeks so badly I became severely anemic before the doc could do the poly/fibroid removal. I then was so anemic after surgery I had to have IV iron infusions for a week and my hemo is still just below normal after that. I am now on iron daily 300mg, and this is the weird part: My hematologist who I decided to see, did a Vwf test, and it came back with very high levels of factor VIII and high Vwf, just over the top side. I was shocked and she insisted it was a good result. I am not so sure because I am finding out now that since I just came off of surgery, was very stressed out the day she took my blood, very anemic and crying, and also I had a contustion, a big one on my leg from getting hit by a ball. I am finding out that stress, surgery, inflammation and illness etc can raise these levels. Should I demand a new test from the same doc, or change hematologists and redo test? am i crazy? also, the docs say to go on BC pills to control my bleeding since no cancer, but why would I do that if I might indeed have a true result and my levels are at risk for clots? I am so confused. please help me someone.