Pregnancy for VWD type 1

hi…i just want to know if there any specific medicine that I can take during my pregnancy period… I’m now 15 weeks pregnant… anybody can help me? tq in advance…

Hi Lynda,

I am an OB nurse who has vWD type 1 and would like to give you some information about vWD and pregnancy. Most women who have vWD have no problems during their pregnancy. This is because during pregnancy, clotting is actually increased due to some hormonal changes. I had no problems during my pregnancy, but I did afterwards. That is because as your uterus is healing up the placental site, you use up the factor and need to use Stimate nasal spray as instructed by your doctor. Usually only for a few days starting the day after you deliver. You may have a few heavier periods after you deliver and if your doctor likes for you to use stimate, you can without any problems. Make sure you don't take any asprin or NSAIDS during your pregnancy.


I have type 1 and for some unknown reason I my factor was still low while pregnant. They checked the levels after 20 weeks to see if they went up and they didn’t. They didn’t know why. I had c-sections with 2 pregnancies. And they just gave me the factor 8 to make sure everything was ok.

And I took stimate 5-7 days after to make sure the clot did what it was supposed to do.

hi MKB, im having a bleeding problem b’coz of my placenta… any medicine u can suggest to me?

Xox there is really a no medicine at can be taken to prevent placental bleeding that I am aware of It really depends upon why the placenta is bleeding If it is a low lying placenta on if it covering the cervical opening, it will continue to bleed periodically during the pregnancy and you need to be careful regarding your episodes and let your OB know anytime you start spotting. From what I know, it can be risky to take Stimate because the placenta depends upon the ability for blood to move in and out of it easily. Any clotting occurring under the placenta can cause more problems for the baby. Make sure nothing is in the vagina, nothing to disturb the cervical area.

Lynda said:

hi MKB, im having a bleeding problem b’coz of my placenta… any medicine u can suggest to me?