Recent Bloodwork for daughter

Hi there! New to this site and I’m so glad I found it! My daughter recently had blood work done due to heavy menstrual flow. The results came back that she most likely has one of the Types of VWD. Her PT and APTT were both prolonged. Additionally, her Factor VIII was low as was the VW Ristocetin. Her VW Factor Antigen was within normal limits. Per her DR, he is thinking it’s one of the subsets of Type II. We are waiting to be seen at a Hematologist to determine the type for sure. Anyone have any input on what we can expect at that appointment? Also, as I’ve been reading and researching, it seems like everything says that PT level in most Von Willebrand is normal and her’s has been prolonged on two separate lab tests. Anyone else have a prolonged PT with VWD or could we be looking at VWD and another Factor deficiency in addition? TIA! Happy to have some support!

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Hello, Kimtrey

Welcome to the VWD support community! We’re glad that you found us, and I hope that you’ll find the support and information you need here.

If you use our search feature (magnifying glass, right hand side of red band), and tap in “PT APTT” I think you will find a great reading list.

Make yourself at home here, Kimtrey!

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