Researcher seeking a few Type 3 patients or parents for an interview

Jennifer from the CDM Group would like to interview two or three VWD patients with type 3:

We would like to have a 45 minute telephone conversation with you if you fit the following criteria. Those that qualify will be compensated for their time after the completed interview. The entire conversation will be confidential, nothing said will be published, and your contact information will not be distributed to third parties. This is simply for educational purposes.

Patients must meet these criteria:

• Have type 3 VWD or documented VWF level <10%

· Lifelong bleeding history AND use factor concentrate for treatment or prevention of bleeds at least monthly

· Must regularly visit an HTC (at least once every two years)

• Live in the US

If you meet all criteria and are interested in participating, please contact:

Jennifer Gross

Vice President, Associate Director, Business Development
The CDM Group 200 Varick Street, New York, New York 10014
p: (212) 671-5566