School and classmates

My daughter is 12 in Jr high and dealing with VWD
I have been experiencing all sorts of trouble with the school
District Where she attends.recently a classmate thought it would
be amusing to say my daughter is a slut that takes
Birthcontrol,which they found out by the nurses aids that happened to be daughter cryed for days And rumors began to get
even bigger she was so stressed all she could say
was mom there not lieing I am on the pill it’s not
like I can hide it.well I went to speak with the principal and
all I got to comfort her Is kids will be kids.has anyone dealt with this?

I’m sorry to say this,but don’t count on it. Most schools have a zero tolerance policy, but they are rarely enforced. My daughter has been hurt physically at school and they still won’t enforce it. Last time a girl choked her, it was caught on camera and nothing happened. They sent the girl home and she was back to take her finals. We even pressed charges and nothing. My daughter could’ve stroked out right there and the school did nothing. I still would like to find that little bitch and beat the shit out of her. Most schools offer to transfer the victim to another school but why should they suffer when they didn’t do anything. I had to go to the school and threaten to kill that bitch for them to even investigate it. The school didn’t even call me to say that someone had tried to kill my daughter. They even sent her to the nurse. My daughter had to call me from the bathroom in the nurse’s office on her phone. They told her to calm down. Excuse me but how does a 12 year old calm down after being choked by someone? They told me “she’s fine”. I told them to fuck off and maybe someone should go choke their kids. I said that I sent to school to get an education not to be murdered. The schools don’t care anymore and it’s getting worse not better.