Tendon issues

Hi all,
I never found a doctor that knows much about von Willebrand. The ones that even heard of it just mention its a blot clotting disorder. They don’t know about any symptoms and can never give me straight answers.

I have major tendon issues with my right hand and arm. I’ve had multiple surges on my hand… the last one was basically exploratory to figure out pain and numbness issues. They did find a gooey fluid buildup inside my hand. Biopsy came back with no cancer or rheumatoid arthritis.

Has anyone had similar tendon issues caused or made worse? I’ve read that we could get joint and muscle bleeding.

Right now the pain is bad. I have to decide on doing a surgery or not. They don’t know cause of issues so they don’t know if surgery will work, leave same or make it worse. If I don’t do the surgery I will just have to endure the pain 90%+ of the time.

Does anyone have tendon issues from von Willebrand?

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