Von Willebrand's Disease Insight Opportunity – Receive $50 for completing a Research Survey

Members, please read below. From time to time, Ben's Friends learns of opportunities that may aid in research efforts and may help develop new treatments for members on our communities. We may occasionally present these opportunities on the forum, particularly if they come from companies that have supported Ben's Friends. Members are free to participate or not, as you choose. If you have further questions or concerns about the opportunity presented, please contact info@bensfriends.org.

Members, Ben’s Friends partner Research Now (www.researchnow.com) is looking for patients diagnosed with VWD or their caregivers to participate in a 30-45 minute online study. Each qualifying respondent who completes this study will receive $50 for participating. In addition, Research Now will make a donation of $50 to Ben’s Friends for your participation.

Your identity and information will be kept anonymous.

To participate in the study, please copy and paste the following link into a new browser:


We hope you consider this chance to aid research efforts for VWD.

Best, Madere

If you are a member of other patient groups for Von Willebrand's, feel free to share this information on those groups, too.

I just filled out this survey with my daughter it helped me gain insight to her feelings. It also helped us to put our situation into proper perspective. I encourage everyone to take the 30 minutes and take the survey. It doesn't ask any direct personal questions such as names of doctors, etc.

I'm so glad, onemom. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope the rest of you will let us know your impressions of the survey, too.