A couple of questions


I posted on here a while ago about my 4 year old daughter who may have Von Willebrands Disease. The hospital are being useless and won't properly diagnose her at the moment. So I have been doing my own research and I would if anyone could answer a couple of questions that I have.

1. Is it possible for a parent to have type 1, but the child to have type 2?

2. Is it possible to have type 2b and have a normal platelet count or does everyone with type 2b have a low platelet count?

3. I have read in some places that with type 2b the platelet count may be slightly low? Is this always the case or is it sometimes an extremely low count?

Thank you for your help.

Yes it’s possible for a child to be a different type than her parents. I don’t know about the other 2 questions. Also if both parents have VWD it’s possible for the child to have ANY type. My hubby and I both have type 1 but all four kids bleed differently.

My understanding is as follows:

1, It is possible for a parent to have type 1 and the child have type 2 as genetic mutations occur in a percentage of diagnoses.

2 and 3, My understanding is that the platelet count may be low(thrombocytopenia) but not always.