Von Willebrand Types

Hi all

Posting for the first time here from the sunny but chilly UK.

I went to the hospital with my daughter (13) yesterday as we suspected she may have VWD.

This was confirmed by the haemotologist who said that she has Type 1. My mum is convinced that she and I both have Type 2a.

So, my question is whether this sounds right. Does the type get passed down, or is it possible that a parent and child can have different types?



Hi Andy,
It is very much possible for relatives to have different types. For example my mother has type 1 and I have type 3. My father has no history of Vwd in his family. Hope that helps.


I think type 3 is different. Oddly, I read that for someone to be type 3, BOTH parents have to have VWD as it's carried recessively. I could be wrong though, it's just what I read when I was trying to find an answer to my situation.



Good question! How sure is the Haemotologist certain of his diagnosis??? It might be a case of experimental error in the blood tests as that is not uncommon. A lot happens between getting the blood sample and getting the measurement done. I would pursue the issue with the Doc. after reading about how the differential diagnosis is done. Which test eliminated type 2A and made a clear case for type 1?

We have had one individual with the misfortune of inheriting two different types but that would be extremely rare. I have acquired type III due to an immune system malfunction which was not inherited.

Report back to us what you find.

John the elder


I have VWD Type III severe and my daughter has type 2M. Basically the geneticist said that my father had mild type 1 without bleeding episodes present and my mother has type 2M. They had my brother and I and we ended up both being diagnosed with Type III severe. Which is weird because normally the gene goes right to the male and then skips a generation. I had this testing when i was pregnant with my daughter in 2012 and they said she was most likely going to inherit my mothers type.