Edema and VWD

Now that I have an official diagnosis of VWD from my hematologist, my inability to heal over my lifetime – but particularly the past 10-15 years – has now (gratefully) been explained. (I recently turned 50.)

One thing that remains somewhat of a mystery is the edema that began around this same period of time (10-15 years ago). By edema I mean that I suffer from puffy face and swollen belly and midsection, not associated with weight gain (obesity), per se.

Also around the 10-15 years-ago mark, I began tearing (yes, tearing) a number of lower back and pelvic muscles, muscles that refused to heal and which were compromised as a result of VWD. The edema and seriously-impaired healing seemed to go hand-in-hand, even to this day.

Has anyone else encountered similar symptoms?

I can’t speak to VWD, but I can say edema impairs healing. I have lymph edema in my left arm and have a whole list of Do Not DO for that arm, including clipping fingernails (file them only, don’t risk a nick).