Symptom I did not know. Do you?

Firstly, I am grateful for all the urgent care and emergency doctors and personnel that made it possible for me to be able to write this post. Thank-you.

Now to the reason for my post. I joined Ben’s Friends to educate myself about living with my VWD and to share my experiences with others living with it, so that we may learn together. Well, this week I experienced something I never had before and had no idea it was because of my VWD. I went to urgent care because my feet had swollen up the night before. I didn’t worry about it because it has been a really long hot summer (100++
degrees F most days) and I work outside. I thought I was just severely dehydrated. I wasn’t even going to go to the doctor because I felt fine in the morning and the swelling had gone down. My husband talked me into going because as he said “We were on a plane trip last week. Maybe it’s a blood clot?”

Fast forward to many tests and X-rays later and I get sent for an emergency set of blood and iron transfusions plus DDAVP. My hemoglobin level was 4.0. No one could believe I was alive and standing. I got asked time and time again how could I not know I was THAT anemic. Honestly, I don’t know. I felt fine other than the swollen feet thing. Usually with my anemia I get pretty tired, get sunken black eyes, pale skin, the usual symptoms. This one snuck up on me with no warning and I did not know that swollen feet and legs were a sign of serious anemia. This was a lesson I learned the hard way and I am lucky to be able to share my story so that others with VWD know symptoms to look for.

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Hey VWDgirl!

Good to see you posting around here, summer activity has definitely died down a lot - although new members have continued to sign up so hopefully that will start changing soon!

I’m glad to hear that nothing seriously bad came of this apart from a pretty big scare and wakeup call. Whether it was luck or genetics that was on your side - I’m sure the rest of the community will appreciate the cautionary tale and advice.

Wish you the best and hope the swelling has fully subsided!