My fiancée has VWD. We decided to come to UK as there is one of the best research centres for von Willebrand disease in Europe.
Our plan is to work and live here until we decide to have kids. A mother with VWD going into labour needs to be in a facility that specializes in her condition which unfortunately our own country doesn’t have.
VWD is hereditary and the doctors informed us that there is 50% chance for it to be passed on. Our decision to remain here after the baby is born depends in whether the kid has VWD or not. If yes it would be best if we remain here as care and treatment is better here in UK than back home.
As for the actual decision of whether we want to habe children, that is an ethical dilemma that we haven’t decided on yet. Knowing that we might Knowingly bring a child with vwd feels that we are not making the right decision. I am of the opinion that living with the condition is better than not being born at all, but my partner who has the condition says that she has suffered a lot growing up and can’t bare seeing her kid go thruwhat she has.
Any opinions, views and insights on the matter would be appreciated.


I’m sure my response is going to be less than popular – 50% chance is too high, don’t have biological children.

There are plenty of children out there who need good homes, many of whom also have rare conditions or issues that need attention. Better to open your home to one of them than to knowing bring a new person into the world who has a better than average chance of having complicated issues.

Personally I have neurologically complicated migraines and they clearly run in my family. Although I was never big on having children of my own in the first place the fact that I have an extremely painful and often diabiliating neurological condition stopped me from even remotely considering biologicaly children. I would never pass this on to anyone else.


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