Just diagnosed, what to expect?

Hello! I was just diagnosed with vWD yesterday. I have an appointment with my hematologist on Monday. I’m just curious what to expect now and how life is after diagnosis. We are also planning on trying to conceive here in the next few months. So curious about that too.

Greetings emcky89!

Everything really depends on what type of VWD you have. They are treated differently and can have very different impacts on your life.
VWD has a range from just causing heavier bruising and bleeds to more hemophelia-like symptoms.
I have type 3 and that’s one of the more severe types. ( I had to have hysterectomy so that i wouldn’t just bleed out. There was no way I could ever have children. But that is more rare.)
I don’t know as much about type 1 and 2 and their sub-types, but I do know that people with them have been able to have children.
However, you really want to check into it and understand about your VWD before you do anything.
Also, many doctors don’t know as much about VWD as one would like. If your doctor knows that there ARE different types, than that’s a good sign! :smiley: A good VWD doctor is a wonderful thing!
I hope the best for you and really, VWD doesn’t effect me much day to day. I try not to run with scissors :wink: I am very careful with sharp implements (cutting food, etc) But unless I’m in a crisis, I do pretty well.

Blessings on you,

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