I just thought I'd share part of my story of vWtype 3 and menorrhagia

I worked with The Daily Mail on this article as it's very important the message gets out there about undiagnosed bleeding disorders/von Willebrands. We know statistically there are many thousand women struggling on without diagnosis, treatment and with it, empowerment. I feel the journalist Jo Waters has given the subject matter the suitable gravitas it deserves. The Daily Mail has one of the widest readerships in the UK so I hope some women/families reading this article and have a “lightbulb moment” and seek diagnosis. It’s important we take some of these (quite often) invisible illnesses and get them in the public domain. I was asked me to write about how I feel about this article, it’s a mixed bag not least because I seem to be the face of heavy periods nationally-UK (which makes me actually laugh out loud!), I also feel honoured to be asked to be part of this article even if this helps just one person seek the support they need it will be worth it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2728289/The-nasal-spray-stop-misery-heavy-periods-That-monthly-ordeal-caused-blood-clotting-disorder-similar-haemophilia-But-easily-treated.html

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Good for you, Helen. This is a terrific article; thanks for sharing it. I had endometrial ablation, too. I have never been diagnosed with VWD, but after reading your article, I am starting to wonder...