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Hello there and welcome to Living With VWD! You didn’t by any chance choose the name “husky” because you own a pet husky - did you? Our community is filled with many pleasant members and useful discussions - so hopefully you will find at least some of the answers you are looking for here (along with some emotional support). If there is a particular subject you have in mind, you can use the Search Icon (top right of the red bar) to browse through previous topics using keywords.

Apart from that, I encourage you to start making some posts and let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for the welcome; sorry for the late reply. I had some login troubles, but they’ve been solved.

Yes, I used to own a husky years ago. :grinning:

Let me begin by noting that I haven’t been officially diagnosed with VWD, but I’m fairly certain I have it. My sister has been officially diagnosed, along with her daughter; furthermore, I nearly died on 3 separate occasions (surgeries when I was younger), as each time the surgeons nearly gave up trying to stop the bleeding. I was also administered some type of bleeding test while in elementary school: they cut me with a small razor and waited to see how long it took for the bleeding to stop - it never did. I was rushed to the hospital an hour or two later, but they did not discover the issue at that time.

I do not have health insurance. I have paid out-of-pocket for the von Willebrand blood panel; I went to my primary care physician (internal medicine specialist) who ordered the report (sent to the Mayo Clinic). It was over $1000. It came back negative.

However, since I found this site, I have learned that a number of members of this forum who were ultimately positively tested for the disease had initial testing that was negative.

Quick question to begin my inquiries (other questions will follow in the coming days):

Does the disease have anything to do with the prevention of normal healing processes?

Meaning, all of my life I have been a very slow healer. For instance, I am presently recovering from a muscle tear experienced in 2012, one which has not fully healed six years later. Other instances of slow healing in my life have been numerous.

I have been tested on multiple occasions for diabetes. The test always came back negative. As of 18 months ago, my internal medicine specialist ran what she referred to as a “most comprehensive blood panel” to check for any anomalies - the cost was nearly $3000 - and absolutely everything came back normal.

Any information anyone may be able to provide with respect to whether there’s a connection between slow and/or incomplete healing and VWD would be most sincerely appreciated.


No worries - I’m glad you’re getting used to the functionality of the forum by reading through old topics and reading through old ones.

While I am not qualified at all to give information on VWD, I would assume that VWD should have some effect on inhibiting the healing process since the formation of blot clots is a component of this.

There is literature about it online as well that you can look over, but from this one scientific journal I found - it does seem to clearly state that “The complication of hemorrhage in vWD can lead to delayed wound healing.”

Apart from that, hopefully some other members see your previous topic and provide you with some useful insight!

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Thanks Eisi for this information!

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