Looking for recommendations for good doctors and haematologists in Perth, Western Australia


I am new to this wonderful site and I was just wondering if anybody can recommend a GP or a Haematologist that works in Perth, Western Australia and has a lot of experience with VWD?

We have just started this journey and I want to find the right team for my daughter.

I am after a GP who has experience with VWD and also a Haematologist with a good bedside manner. Not much to ask you would think? Any suggestions?

Also, how many medical staff have people out there with VWD had to go through before finding someone that really understood VWD and finally gave them their correct diagnosis?

My daughter has been showing classic symptoms for years and I was astounded that she hadn't been referred earlier for testing through the many GPs she has seen over this time, given her textbook VWD symptoms. Now that I know more about VWD, it amazes me she wasn't referred earlier. Is this just because of a lack of knowledge about VWD out there?

Big hugs to anybody who has had to find their way through this medical maze. XX

Our search continues...

Thanks! It might take us a while to find the right doctor... but we will find them! :)

dkel9307 said:

Hi Di,

I am sorry nobody has been able to respond.

Ben's Friends is looking into the possibility of building a doctor's database, for the very reasons you have mentioned. This is a work in progress and I will let you know re progress.

With Perth, Western Australia, being of similar size to Adelaide, South Australia, I am hoping the word of mouth network can help. Have you considered asking friends, school parents, community clubs etc?

Kind regards,