New Stimate

Has anyone recently received Stimate and was told it doesn’t need to be refrigerated? I just got mine a month ago and I don’t trust that Walgreens knows what they are talking about. I remember when I was first diagnosed my doctor drilled it into me that it needed to be refrigerated.

Yes - true. I have gotten it for my daughter and was told just that. Read the package just in case and discussed with our pharmacist

We just got Stimate last week...we are praying that it will work. We were told by our Doctor and Walgreens that there are 2 kinds of Stimate one that needs to be refrigerated and one that does not. We were told not to refrigerate the nasal spray. You should probably call your doctor for clarification.

My son has the "new and improved" Stimate. We were told that it does not have to be refrigerated when the temperature is below 72 degrees as a constant temp and for several days when it is above that. So we keep his in the fridge, because cool trems don't harm the product. And honestly, it's quick find it in the 'fridge shelf.

Here is something to remember; the new formula is only good for 6 months once opened. Hopefully, you won't need to get more than two bottles a year!

After reading all of this I have decided to refrigerate the Stimate to be on the safe side. The house is not necessarily always below 72 degrees, in fact it is usually above that. No one mentioned that to us. Also no one mentioned the shelf life. All good information. Thanks everyone!

I was told my Stimate does not need to be refrigerated.

I just double checked with the hematologist and was told that the nasal spray does not need to be refrigerated...just keep it at room temp.