Pregnancy with VWB Type 1

Hey everyone! My husband and I have been struggling with trying to get pregnant for the past two years - we have tried natural and clomid (which caused massive bleeding for me). I recently under went hormone injections with timed intercourse - the results were very positive and promising. I am in my two week wait to see if it worked… and of course with every little I am freaking out and stressing out (normal reactions I’m sure). I know what the “normal” symptoms are for the this time period (implantation) - I am one week out from ovulation and one week away from my period, but having VWB I have no idea what’s “normal.” I have been spotting for 4 days now - it has been pink, brown, dark red and bright red (which is not “normal”) - it has also varied in amount - from light to small gushes (sorry, TMI! :-/). Also, since early this week I have had this fullness ache on one side of my lower abdomen - some things I have seen explain this as possibly the side the egg implanted on. This is so hard because I don’t feel like even my doctors know what’s ok and whats not :-/ Does anyone have any insights for me?