Rough day!

Hello all,
Having a rough day been bleeding during the night and it’s continuing this morning. I’m already anemic and struggling to stay awake with aches all over my body. I’m going to work today but feel dreadful.
I’m new to this site and VWB with little support from my GP.
Thank you for listening.
Kind Regards xx

I am so sorry. What a rough time!

Be careful today. Hugs and best wishes to you! You know, if you’re in such a bad shape and your GP isn’t doing anything about it, you really can and probably should request a different one.
I am someone who hates to cause any trouble, ever! But you really do need to get this taken care of. Most of the time, when I was in the beginnings of this, I found that the doctors generally didn’t know what VWD was, but the nurses did :slight_smile:
I think more know now, but you do kind of have to be your own advocate at times.
I’ll be praying for you today!

Thank you for understanding. My Gp is useless seems to know nothing and has just left my with TA to help me. I’m fatigued, anemic and feel very low. I’ve also got a bright red face…have no idea if it’s blood related??? The only support I have is this site so I thank you all xx