Teen girls with Von Willebrands

Are there any teen girls experiencing heavy periods due to Von Willebrands? Told to use tranexamic acid. Any info on this?

As i young adult i started using Tranexamic acid. I used it for over 20 years and did find it helpful. I later used it with the pill for regulation. Hope that helps. Goodluck

My 14 year old was just diagnosed and has very heavy periods. This was not one of the options we were given. We were told to first try managing them with stimate and if that doesn't work we will try the pill.


Here is some info on tranexamic acid.



When I was 13 years old my period started and it lasted for 8 months straight. Literally! and it was very heavy at times.. I was very weak. At first my mom said.. it will stop your body is just adjusting.. it didn't stop. So after about a month of bleeding, she took me to my peditrician. They were clueless but did suggest possible Von Willebrands Disease so they sent me to the hosp for blood work.. I remember it was about 7 pm A few days later they called and said the tests didn't work because the blood was not sent out till morning. And it needed to be tested right away or something. So i went back and gave like five more tubes of blood.. now remember I'm bleeding from my period that will not stop. When the test came back after a few days the VWB factors were low. So they put me on stimate. After another month of bleeding every day the stimate was not working. So I had to make an appointment with a hematologist. I went to her.. she draws more blood and ran her own tests. Then I had to make an appointment again with her. This time.. she took blood.. then ran an iv of stimate through me. Then took more blood and tested it. They concluded that stimate in my case really would not help me if I was.. say in a car accident and bleeding severely.. I would need blood. So nowI am still bleeding from my period. And my mom said.. Ok I get all of this but how do we stop her period. The sent me to a pediatric Gynecologist. She started me on Birth Control.. I took it for a month.. bleeding did not stop.. So she doubled the does.. Two a Day.. I bleed right through that does for another month.. Finally she said.. I am going to put you on an older pill called Ovral.. it is very high in progesterone. IT WORKED! Finally my period stopped and I have been on it since. I am now 26 years old. I take ovral every day for four months straight.. then I go off and have a period. I have had no problems with my VWB except when I had wisdom teeth pulled I had to have some kind of IV run first to stop bleeding. It worked well, and I had no problems. Hope this helps!