Toxins in Women's Sanitary Products?

Just read this article on CNNs site. Thought it to be an interesting read worth sharing. Apparently, tampon and sanitary napkin manufacturers aren’t required to disclose their products ingredients because they are considered proprietary medical products, thus, listed under the FDA. Outside testing has found detectable levels of the toxic substance dioxin. The companies say the levels are low and not worth worrying about. The article states that a women uses on average 12 000 tampons over a lifetime - so that’s 12 000 exposures to toxins. That’s for an AVERAGE woman! I dare say most women with VWD are exposed WAY more than that, possibly 4-5 times more or higher, since we use a lot more sanitary products than the average women. I read elsewhere that companies like P&G have pulled their products from store shelf space in South America due to high levels of toxins. Any thoughts?