Vwd type 2 bleeding

My nephew has type 2 vwd and suffers from nose bleeds l. He has a port a cath inserted under his skin and has his factor twice a weekm which prevents most bleeding from the nose however ford still suffer the odd nose bleeds.
Recently he had a bleed on the day his factor was due at nursery. They called the ambulence due to bleeding from the eye. Then followed by a nose bleed. Has anyone experienced blood from the eye before?

Hopefully all turned out well, Zoe. I have had hematomas (blood pooled and congealed well under the skin) due to injury and many internal gastrointestinal bleeds producing “black stool” and anemia as well as bleeding from from a popped blood vessel in the roof of the mouth. Do not be surprised at bleeding internally or externally just keep an eye on it. Thank goodness you have a port safely installed. My port had to be removed because “they” installed MRSA (methycillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) bacteria in the wound before they closed it. Two surgeries for a type III and no benefit to the patient as the port had to be removed.

Do you administer the factor yourself or do you have to go to a clinic?

John the elder