What Have You Done for Fun Lately? (from my good friend SK)

This is one ingredient of living that we don't want to leave out! No matter what, we need to always have some fun times, they are simply good for our soul!

So tell us, what have you done for fun?

Dancermom is right. It's OK to talk about happiness, yours and others, even while some of us are fighting serious battles with a somewhat implacable foe. I feel strange talking about my sudden burst of good health and lack of health issues after a long series of setbacks. I still have type III vWD and mosquito bites or small thorns still make me get a pressure bandage to stop the oozing, I know that you and others on the forum may be in the fight of your life but a note of happiness may be a candle that breaks through the darkness. So match this! (pun intended)


My primary care physician was happy with all my regular tests. I don't need a prostate biopsy as non-invasive tests show no signs of cancer activity. My Hgb hit 10.7 g/dL which is as high as it ever has been.

I went out to my barn workshop and worked on building a thousand watt short-wave amplifier for my amateur radio station. I use all kinds of power tools but I really am mindful of "Safety First" . I have had a ham license since 1956, and it has always provided an outlet for my curiosity. Playing with electronics, electromagnetic waves and computers really lights up my day. I am constantly building small circuits, antennas and larger projects. My goose stays in the barn at night and he is thrilled that I keep him company for a few hours.

Earlier today I went to the monthly meeting of the local chapter of "Americans United for Separation of Church and State" and volunteered to help coordinate our scholarship contest for high school seniors who feel like writing an essay on how important the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is.

Before that, my wife and I (married fifty-two years ((to each other)) went out and covered some of our flowers to protect them from a Florida frost. Tomorrow we uncover them and hope to continue to enjoy them some more.

So all in all, a great day for the two of us. The Sword of Damocles hanging over our head didn't seem to be as prominent as it was a month ago.

It felt good, really good, and I hope you all have good days like that. Candles don't burn forever, but while they burn everything seems brighter. Thank you, Dancermom, for getting me over the hump of allowing myself to be joyful!

Love to all,

John the elder

John, I am so glad that you are having a good run and that the sword of Damocles has been put away. It sounds like you are making the most of the good times. Great post!

The fun and excitement of my life are the grand kids and great grand kids. They come up with the most outlandish comments and always make you throw your head back and laugh!

I played Mario cart with the 4 year old, who comes in last, but jumps and squeals that he WON! Don't worry, I'm usually next to last, so we are a real pair at this, but it's fun! Much better than the Wii sports for me!

My granddaughter's husband vacuumed and scrubbed my floors today, and that topped off the good day!

John, you're such a unique character with interesting projects and pets! I don't know of many who would have a pet gander! They can be wicked, I know! My dad had a small zoo of animals, and the ganders and Tom turkeys would make you run for your life, and carry the scars of not running fast enough!

Glad to hear you are doing well, and still so active and engaged. Congrats on the long and happy marriage, that is something to cherish! BTW, in case I haven't told you lately, I just love your home that you and your wife built, it's stunning! You're the first person with a cabin in FL that I know of!

Do take good care, always a treat to hear of your latest projects, I am boring in comparison!