What treatment did you receive during an operation?

During all of my six operations, I have been given Humate P before surgery and for a number of days following the operation. (once or twice per day).

i received DDAVP before and for 2 weeks after. i’ve had no problem myself but my daughters sodium level went haywire after two days of treatment and had to be changed over to factor 8 injections.

They are going to give me DDVAP prior to my op at the end of the month, followed by a course of Mefanamic Acid.

My kids all had regular stimate& amicar for stitches. David had IV stimate/amicar for his surgeries. We won’t be doing that again though. Hemo doc says he’ll get Humate from now on before, during,and after due to the amount of bleeding he had. My Kaylie is going to Humate during her period. Both David& Kaylie will also get humate for repeated injuries. Lily’s fine still with stimate/amicar. But Danny will get humate for anything more than simple bruising, losing baby teeth, and minor stitches. I’m thinking of buying a seperate fridge just for all the different meds, ice packs and popsicles that we use in my house.

I have VWD type 2b acquired .At 76, I take DDAVP .025 ml (injection) daily I have had a number of heart surgeries over the last few years. The surgeons wont touch me without having DDAVP available in the OR

From all reports having it available in the OR is probably the safest option.

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