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My names Kc, I am 22 years old and i got diagnosed with vWD type 2 when i was 6. It started with lots of bruising and bad nose bleeds. Sometimes i would even wake up in a puddle of blood from my nose bleeding during the night. When i was 11 my dr told me that i was bleed out when i either started my period, get in a bad accident or have a baby. Well i never happened til i had my son… A week after having him i was sitting on the couch and i just started too bleed out… And it messed me up mentally i am now scared to death on my period. I cry everyday thinking its gonna happen again. I have no support from anyone all my family just laughs at me and tells me get over it because it happened almost 6 years ago now… But its harder then they think to just move on from it. I now have crazy heavy periods that last 6 weeks sometimes it’ll last even 2 months and its so heavy that it keeps me from working. I have to stay in bed and i feel like i cant be the mother i wanna be because how scared i am on my period. I never thought anyone else knew what i was going through until i discovered this site a few days ago.