Do you eat foods rich in Vitamin K?

Do you follow a special diet for Von Willebrand's? Has your doctor suggested foods rich in Vitamin K?

Nope. Vwd is genetic and no amount of vitamins can help it afaik. But I’m sure it can help somewhat generally

Thanks for the feedback, pickle. I know vitamin K can't restore the missing von Willebrand's factors, but I was hoping it might assist other factors to clot better and reduce bleeding.


Darn, that's too bad, Munchie.

We have tried eating Vitamin K rich foods. For us, it has decreased duration and number of nosebleeds. If we eat less, we can tell a difference.

Good, Kristin, I am glad it is helping a bit.

What dosage, Kristin? I do get nosebleeds.

I was told that having VWD makes you immune to vitamin k

Vitamin k is produced by good bugs in your digestive track. For me, i try not to take antibiotic if i can reasonably avoid it

One ER nurse told me that she used high dose vitamin K to stop nose bleed. And one other doctor said this also.
Had a dog with vWD, not sure if it the same as in human, and the vet injected vitamin K when she had nose bleeds.
I’ve always called for hematologist and factor viii. So, i have never been injected with vitamin K.