Hello, New member, here

Mild or type 1 VWD runs in my family. Mom, both sisters and myself had/have varying symptoms. I have problems with bruising a lot no matter how much vitamin c I take, other issues, too.

I have a question for my fellow VWD-ers: Are there any foods or nutritional supplements that you know of that make the bleeding and bruising worse? What I have experienced is that coffee, beets and vitamin k make bruising worse. Anybody else?

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I have VWD type III and interestingly enough most of my bruising happens deep enough below the surface that it doesn’t show often.
I don’t know about many foods that would answer your question, but I have read that garlic is a blood thinner.
I must confess that I am so addicted to sauteed garlic and onions that I don’t avoid it, though perhaps I should.
But it might help you to ease off the bruising.

I hope you have a good day