Does anybody have vision issues/macular degeneration?

Another member of the community and I were exchanging e-mails today and she said her doctor thinks VWD may be attributed to causing vision loss (macular degeneration). Has anybody experience vision loss and if so, have they been able to pin point the cause?

. My son has puedo papliedemia, they think. His retinas bleed from the increased ICP which his VWD just makes worse,they think. Our doctors can’t or won’t figure out what’s wrong. His vision has gone from 20/20 to 425/450 to 450/350 in two years. It’s so bad that we had to pull him out of school, he’s only been in school 8 days this year. I’m so tired of dealing with different doctors that I’m tempted to forget Vegas & take him back to UCLA & refuse to leave.

Dear John,

Sorry if I'm repeating myself, but, I have Mcaular degeneration in my right eye, due to VWD and possibly an inherited factor from my father, who also suffered it late in life.


My son has lost some of his vision too. His is due to retinal bleeding and papilledema, swelling of the optic nerve and disc. The selling is due to hydrocephaly and that is due to his AVM and aneurysm (both repaired).

I just have severely dry eyes that hurt and burn like I have sand in them.