I need some advice. Please

Hello my name is Ashley i'm 19 years old. I have VWD type 1. I lost my health insurance 6 months ago due to the affordable health care act. I've tried to apply for medical and Obamcare, but I was denied and on a college student's budget I can't afford Obamacare. So for now I can't afford to go see my hematologist to get treatment. Lately I've been super tired, I have bruising everywhere, and bloody noises frequently. I'm pretty sure it's because of my VWD but I have no idea what to do at this point. Does anyone have any advice for me? or know of anything I can do to try to get healthcare? Or does anyone know any home remedies to treat my bruising and bloody noises?

Doesn't your college have a health insurance program for its students, ashley? Which state are you residing in currently?

No I go to community college. I live in California San Diego County area.

Hang on -- I am going to look for some resources...

Okay:) thank you

Might you qualify for Medicaid?

There might be some resources here that can help, too: http://www.dmhc.ca.gov/dmhc_consumer/hp/hp_uninsured.aspx

There are many remedies for bloody noses but for vwd patients I can think of two reasons: trauma and environment. For you its likely environment. Since its summer its likely dry in san Diego and that can cause breaks in blood vessels in your nose. Are your nose bleeds periodic such as every two nights? Are they seasonal such as more frequent in the winter?

Hi Ashley, we were in a very similar boat to yours. Lost our health insurance for the same reason and were without healthcare for our daughter who has VWD3 for months. This was tough but we managed to talk to her hematologist who is at a non profit hospital and receive care at a discounted rate with minimal monthly payments. We are a very low income family and just yesterday I tried Obama care again. They a re MUCH more organized now and I was able to get into a plan that with tax credits that is very affordable. We are also able to see all of her specialists. Many doctors are willing to help if you explain your situation. Her pediatric obgyn was even able to see her for free because she volunteers her time at a free clinic. Additionally she was treated by her primary care fro a fraction of the cost of specialists because she was willing to prescribe exactly what the hematologist requested. I have been battling this insurance mess for many months and with persistence it is doable if not frustrating. If you are bleeding a lot you really need to see a doctor of some sort. Don't give up.


In Australia we don't have the same messed up medical system, so I can't help with what to do on that front. It sounds awful to deal with! Are there no free services available at all for college students?

But I just wanted to say hang in there and we are thinking of you. :)