Looking for community help

I’m wondering if there is anyone on here who may be able to help. A friend of mine just welcomed a Syrian refugee family who’s infant son has hemophilia. Their son was born in terrible conditions in a refugee camp and his care up until leaving to start a new life has been none, at worst, and very poor at best. The mother had lost her first baby during pregnancy due to complications from hemophilia. Needless to say she is very worried about her new son’s treatment. They have been welcomed into Canada so I know they will receive good care there. The issue is she speaks little to no English. They have been looking for interpreters for the day to day things but I was wondering if there is anyone on here that speaks/ writes in Arabic who may be able to help give support to her family with regards to her son’s condition? If there is anyone on here who is willing to help please message me and I can pass on your contact information. The family may not need it but it may be comforting to know they have someone to turn to who speaks/writes in their language. Thank-you in advance! Happy New Year to all!

Hello, VWDGirl

I just noticed this message, and I'm sorry you haven't received any responses. I will send you a PM about some ideas that might be helpful

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