Medical ID bracelets

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I have been involved in a good thread on one of our sister sites where somebody asked whether people wear medical bracelets and what their experiences have been.

Please, what are your thoughts for our VWD community?

Thanks, Dkel

Yes, I wear one. Some people have mistaken it for a watch. It has a sports band that goes around my wrist. I feel it could be helpful if I couldn't tell someone why I might be bleeding more than usual from an injury. I also carry a protocol that tells medical professionals how to treat VWD.

I wear a stainless steal bracelet with a clasp on it. I never take it off for any reason. I have had many but for me a the clasp has worked the best.

Good idea!

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I really don't know much about this subject at all, and I'm not sure my daughter would even wear one. I appreciate all of the insight. Have a great day everyone!

I'm curious as to what you have written on your Medi Alert bracelet. Does is just say VWD or the type as well?

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I am getting a necklace for each of my girls as well as a shoe tag from medic alert. They both do competitive cheer so the shoe tag will be for their cheer shoes since they can't wear jewelry while competing.

My Medical alert has my name on the front and this on the back:

Von Willebrands

Disease Type 3

Treat With Humate P

The last line is the anti von willebrands product I use. I like the shoe idea, just make sure the coach knows how important that shoe is. when it comes to medic alerts you dont have to buy the name brand or crazy expensive ones the only thing that is required is area to engrave and the medical alert emblem (questionable if this is even required). See wiki here. If you want one that is easily removable just make sure you wear it or that defeats the purpose of the tag. I for one never take mine off (I sleep and shower with it on) so a stainless steel type with a strong clasp works for me.

My daughter's medical ID bracelet just arrived (and to her dismay it is the big chunky stainless steel type with the medic alert logo on it!). It had to be big enough to contain all her medical details and is designed to stay on all the time.

I have been told by some health professionals that some of the prettier bracelets and necklaces available don't often get looked at because they look more like pretty jewelry than a medic alert. There are a lot of different types available, including the rubber band types, but even those may be overlooked as a charity/fashion bracelet in an emergency.

I think, it's best that it looks like a medic alert bracelet or there is not much point wearing it. :)

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My 4 year old daughter has had a medical id bracelet since she was a baby. It started off as a cute decorative bead one with roses. When that broke last year I kept the ID part and ordered multiple bright colored woven nylon chord brackets that have clasps. We can attach her ID and change out the colors. It’s comfortable, washable, and cute!
Hers has her name and VWD TYPE 3 and treat with Humate P on one side and all the phone numbers on the back side, including HTC and our cell numbers.