Medications to be avoided by people with VWD

The Canadian Haemophilia association is a good source of information on von Willebrands Disorder

Ironic 2 years ago I had this experience. With one Saturday morning waking thinking I had sinus, I took 2 Panadol/Tylanol which I rarely take. Within 5 minutes I was vomiting, with my head hurting more than a migraine. As my middle son was driving me to the local ER, I noticed my speech was affected & thinking I was having a stroke. To be aware of this factor & trying hard to communicate effectively to the ER nurse, sometimes felt relentless. As the Dr came I overheard the nurse telling him of my symptoms, including I presented with some form of seizure (no history) my eyes were twitching & highly sensitive. The Dr ordered I be transferred to a local major hospital for a CT scan. As I was presented to their ER I made aware I have Von Willebrands & not allowed asprin or anti-flammatories. I was laying watching the vitals machine crashing, as my blood pressure kept falling. As the CT scan excluded seizure & stroke, I was moved to the Medical Ward for observation & connected to a mobile Cardiac Monitor. The next morning after a restless night I woke to breakfast, with a pink pill on my tray. With not having my glasses on I asked the morning shift what the tablet was, her response was for Blood Pressure. I took the pill & soon after began to have Tachycardia, thinking I was going into Cardiac Arrest. A second nurse told me it was an asprin tablet. I was so livid after I had told the ER Dr & Nurse I wasn't allowed, which eventually presented into an uneventful day, with no Dr coming to assess me. As I had a restless day & evening the following day, due to an old work back injury...I was refused pain relief that I am prescribed for. When I noticed on the bed allocation board that my Surname was spelled incorrectly...I was livid with the serious OHS breach & ended up in tears...calling my daughter at 2am to come back to the hopsital & pick me up before they kill me. As for the ER Dr that prescribed the asprin being a Foreign doctor...without implying any racial or discrimination slurs, but being an ex-nurse with this condition...clear, effective communication is vital in the Medical provide High Quality Care. Now I simply refuse to see any other doctor or hospital, other than the Haematologist that diagnosed me. When my children are hospitalised, I always stay by their side & watch them like a hawk. I do believe there should be more awareness & further education & training of such within all Emergency Services personnel.

This is a good one xx. U should hv a look at this by Haemophilia Foundation Australia.

I was taking omega-3 capsules as supplements prior to reading this.. I have cut them down now a bit.