Reaction to DDAVP?

Hi, I have type 1 diagnosed at age 60. I was given ddavp prior to dental surgery and had a horrible reaction. Gained 11 lbs overnight and sodium dropped very low. Was in the hospital 3 days to get labs back to normal. Next dental surgery I was given “1/2” dose and told I should be ok. The next day my blood pressure started going up to 220/122 and had horrible headaches. BP continued to go up and down for 2 weeks. One day it gave my symptoms of a stroke and was back in the hospital. Nobody could figure out why this happened but I can never take ddavp again. Anyone ever had a similar reaction? Thanks.

It seems ddavp in type 1 is used as a first line medication, but there can be many variables to this. The reactions to ddavp can be many and varied, so it certainly is not a ‘one size fits all’ sort of med.
It sounds to me that your “I can never take ddavp again” diagnosis is a good one. If anybody ever has such reactions to a drug then seeking immediate medical advice would be highly recommended. I have had a drug reaction and was advised to obtain a health bracelet stating I have such a reaction, which I have done.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

wow thats too bad that happened to you it also why I came here to find out what everyone does use I maybe need surgery and I know they will suggest something like this and there are always side effects I wondered what everyone used I hate the thought of getting sicker on something like that.