Staining after Bruises


Has anyone experienced faint brown “stains” after deep bruises? It’s nearly like a coffe stain birthmark. Noticed a few areas on my behind a few months ago and thought maybe I had never noticed what looked like birhmarks, but then recently I had a bruise on my forearm that didn’t surface but I could feel it and a week or so later this staining showed up. I’m not concerned just curious if anyone else with VWD has had similar experiences.

It is called hemosiderin staining. Iron products that go unabsorbed after cell damage create the staining effect. I had it on my shins after my legs were hurt in a car accident and my hip after a skiing fall. It took months for it to go away. I don’t seem to get it with small, normal bruising but only with more severe deep tissue bruising. You should confirm it with your hematologist to make sure you don’t anything more serious going on with your iron or platelet levels. Here is a link that explains it better:

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