VWD and Alcohol?

I am 18 (legal drinking age in Australia), and have found I have a fairly low alcohol intolerance. Once I drink past my limit, I throw up every time and eventually sober up and get back to normal. My parents are both extreme heavyweights and don’t have the disease. Was just wondering if the issue with blood clotting and Von Willebrand Factor have an effect with alcohol, and that’s why I can’t handle it?

I wouldn’t think it has nothing to do with the vwd. I do the same thing sometimes when partying. I believe your body probably has to get use to your drinking. I tend to go periods without drinking and then drinking to much after a few months of being sober. When I do that I can’t hold my liquor at all. I would try different drinks. I found some vodkas make me break out in hives and real sick, while other flavors are fine. Maybe you just have not found your drink. I did notice I get a petechia after drinking a lot, but that is all I noticed. I’m no doctor and everyone is different, but that’s my experience. I think you will be fine.

Sorry, * I wouldn’t think it has anything to do with VWD. *