Vwd and h pylori

well I’m 34 and I weigh 112 an since aug of this year ive been really sick with h pylori an having vwd just makes it worse.i was on 7 pills a day an the kemo pills were really bad an the pain in my stomach was unbearable that I was crying at night.my blood platelets are low an I’m weak an losin weight and I’m on a diet cause of the h pylori and now the doc thinks I am celiac which means no gluten or barley or wheat plus I have cancer bacteria on my bladder which makes it hard to go to the bathroom.ive just been having a hard time but now I need a scope an they wanna cut out a piece of my bowels an I’m really scared an wondering if this will make my vwd worse .I keep making excuses not to go to hosp due to being so scared about taking a piece from my bowels.i don’t what to do::worried:

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You poor thing. When you’re sick everything seems so frightening - even things that are normally scary - are amplified when you have so many health problems. I’m sorry that all of this is happening to you.
You need to follow your doctors advice. If you’re uncomfortable with the diagnosis I would get a second opinion, I usually do no matter what. My Mom had H Pylori and said it was treated by an antibiotic that she took immediately. It seems it’s too late for that.
I think that the least of your problems is your VWD right now - although I am not diminishing it’s severity - you really need to take care of the destructive H Pylori immediately.
Best of luck to you! Reach out here, people do really care about others.

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It’s true, we do care. This place goes quiet sometimes, though. Glad you posted!

Seenie from Moderator Support

That sounds really tough. Bless you as you continue to put one foot in front of the other! Hang in there!
I totally understand not wanting to go to the hospital - I have struggled with that fear myself.
onemom is right, you do need to go, anyway, though and second opinions are good things.

I can also say this - I had to have a surgery a few years ago and have my wisdom teeth taken out all at once, and I have VWD, typ III, and so I worked with the doctors and we made up a plan and I did what they told me to do and everything went really well.

I find that often my fears about what MIGHT happen are worse than the reality. It’s not always that way, but it is more often than not. You have cheerleaders here, anyway! :slight_smile:

i’m having a very similar story to yours. i’m 36 yo and i’ve been on some injectable drugs for 7 days and they made it even worse it all… not having any good news tho, only wanted to say that i’m hoping you’re going to get well soon. as soon as possible.