Vwd and hysterectomy

I’m having a hysterectomy june 29th do to dr finding cancer on my female organs. Has anyone had one need advice on what suspect with surgery.

Hi Crystal and welcome! I’m guessing the doctor has already discussed the surgical plan so you know whether or not your ovaries will be removed or not. The surgical recovery itself will depend in part on how the surgery is done, but give yourself time to heal. If your ovaries are removed it will throw you into menopause, so I would want to have a discussion with the surgeon about whether hormone replacement is an option.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. It’s not easy at an age or any reason, but you’re pretty young, and cancer is worrisome.

Sharon from ModSupport

I would suggest that you discuss the surgery with your Hematologist to form a VWD plan. In my experience from last year, I had to use a DDAVP infusion and Tranexamic Acid tablets for my VWD plan. Also, follow up with doctor’s if you have any questions or concerns. Some concerns may seem alarming but are just part of the healing process. It’s good to be aware and follow up. There are hysterectomy support groups. Please keep in mind that each procedure, reason for procedure or recovery process are not all alike. Prepare yourself for the procedure and recovery process. Ex. comfy clothes (extra big for bloating), pillows, belly binder, gas x/gas supplies, snacks, drinks, entertainment, personal support, return to work plan and items, etc. Good luck!

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