Diets in relation to VWB

Hello, I was wondering about diet in relation to VWB

My daughter who seems to have problems with lymph flow and someone suggested the keto diet. Somewhere I think I read it is not good for people with VWB. She has type1 inherited. What would be the best type of diet to follow to loose weight. Thankyou

there’s a study that showed keto can cause increased bruising and/or bleeding in some people, so she should definitely talk to her hematologist and/or primary care dr! I have type 2M and i do keto every once in a while because i also have PCOS; eating low-carb, high-fat can help get those symptoms under control, but my dr said it’s not a diet that anyone should be on for a long time, plus your bleeding/bruising normalizes once you go back to a normal, healthy diet. with PCOS, i know in a month if i can go back to eating normally because my periods are what help me determine whether my symptoms are in check or not, but with lymph flow issues, i’m not sure how you would know when it’s time to stop keto, so that would be something to consider talking to the dr about as well. from my understanding and having been misdiagnosed as a type 1 for many years, type 1 VWD symptoms are the least severe of all the types, so i would think that even if keto is “bad” for people with VWD, those issues would be the least pronounced in someone with type 1 (but i’m not a dr!)

Thankyou for your information.