Von Willebrands Disease

My daughter is very ill with this disease. She has excellent team of Doctors in her corner. However, my husband has private insurance for he and my child. Obama care accepted him, but turned her down, they said she was considered disabled and that all fine an well except for the fact that our policy which we were perfectly happy with was terminated as of Jan.1 2024 and replaced with insurance that doubles our rates and only allows 3 doctors visits per year. As an added bonus they only allow $200 for blood work per annum, really? Her blood work runs at least $7500. 00 per year. Oh and also luckily we now have a $13000.00 pear deductible. I have been messing Obama Care since his 6 Billion dollar website rolled out and then denied my child. I was told to reply to MOHEALT.NET, Medicaide, and SSI Disability. The caveat though is that we will never make the March 31st deadline. We can not continue to pay these premiums...so my husband will be insured by Obama Care, I have medicare and SSI Disability so am not a dummy, I know quite well how this stuff works. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated. Is anyone out there on Disability for this. She is on the 504 plan and has missed 6 weeks of school this yea but maintains A's Bs' in all of her classes.Thank you, One Mom

What type does she have and how bad are her symptoms?

Onemom, the March 31 deadline does not apply to Medicaid . This is from the healthcare.gov site:

Medicaid & CHIP enrollment

You can apply for Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage directly to your state agency at any time. If you qualify for Medicaid or CHIP, your coverage can begin immediately.

You can also find out if you qualify for Medicaid or CHIP coverage in your state by applying through the Marketplace. If it looks like you’re eligible for either program, we’ll send your information to the state agency. They’ll contact you to finish enrollment.

Also, read this information about "protective filing dates" for SSI disability: http://www.disabilitysecrets.com/resources/disability/what-is-a-protective-filing-date.htm

As far as I can tell, if you send a written communication with your intent to file for ssi disability for your child before the deadline, she will continue to be eligible even if the deadline passes?

Here are the phone numbers for assistance applying for MO Health net and for federal programs:

Can I speak with a live person if I need assistance?
For assistance with MO HealthNet benefit applications, please call the customer information center at 1-855-■■■■■■■■, or visit www.dss.mo.gov.For assistance with Federal insurance programs, or for more information, call 1-800-■■■■■■■■, or visitwww.healthcare.gov.
If the person you are speaking to says something about a March 31 deadline, ask to speak to that person's supervisor. Sometimes reps on the phone don't actually have the right information.

If Shes Type 3 PSI (https://www.patientservicesinc.org/) can help with the premiums.