VWD , the ADA, and how bad work can treet you?

I work at a BIG retail chain. I have worked there 7 years. It Used to. E that if I had a problem with bleeding management oked it in the system and all was well. Now they go through a 3rd party and I am gonna loose my job because the paper work never came but if it had I would have had to fill out paper work every 6 months and every time I was bleeding just to keep my job. Has anyone had this problem or have any suggestions?

This hardly even sounds legal, Michelle. I would suggest consulting a lawyer. It may be that one letter from a lawyer would be enough to stop any talk of losing your job, and then you can submit whatever is required. How detailed is the paperwork? 1 page? Ten pages?

By the way, I lived in Des Moines for 3 years, had my first house on 43rd Street, and my kids were born at Mercy Hospital.

I was born at Mercy to. And I don’t know how detailed as it never came but I have to fill out paper work and so does a Doctor and it is fmla (family medical leave allowance ) paper work. Just for being different.

It doesn't really seem like FMLA should come into play at all. This sounds like it should be challenged. I hope you can find a lawyer who can do a free initial consult and bring some pressure to bear on your behalf. It might help other workers, too.

The nurses at Mercy were some of the most amazing and caring people I ever met. :)

I will look for a lawyer

I think I may call the eeoc tomorrow.