vWD and other health conditions?

Does/Can vWD cause other health issues? Aside from the vWD, I have hypothyroidism (stems from Graves Disease after radiation), GERD, fasciitis, asthma, and extremely dry eyes (very painful and even causes me to be unable to go in the daylight at times). I just got told a week ago that I have bursitis in my hip and now my shoulder is hurting. Is it common to have muscles hurt from having this? I was told to make sure to warm up more than usual before doing any form of exercise but it seems that my muscles get sore and strained easily…I hurt so much lately and I can't even take anything…Any advice, words of wisdom, or similar stories?

Also, can you end up with cancer from it? I'm really nervous about it as my dad had cancer of the esophageous and my son has brain and spine cancer (not sure who had vWD in my family as nobody has been tested and I am waiting for my youngest results to come back. My oldest was negative!!)